5-Element Acupuncture

What Element are You?

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - We have each of these Elements but always one or more is out of balance. The Qi of these elements wax and wane in daily and seasonal cycles; you're a unique blend of these elements. The system of 5-element acupuncture is a 4,000-year-old system of medicine focused on restoring balance in the Elements to maximize health and longevity.  While we hope the following list of Element characteristics will give you insight, it is important that you are evaluated by a trained Acupuncturist who will guide and treat you to help your system back into balance.

"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance." 

 ~Deepak Chopra

Put your visions into perspective

The Qi of the Wood element blossoms in the spring when there's new growth. Those with strong energy of the Wood element have a clear vision and are goal-oriented. They excel at planning and decision-making.  When out-of-balance Wood will be angry and deeply frustrated with life and situations not moving forward.

The charismatic fire element

People with a strong Fire energy are charismatic. Commanding others to action comes easy to them. Talking and socializing is second-nature to their being. If you're of the fire element, you may be vulnerable in very hot weather and possibly depression or manic episodes.

Reliable, well-grounded, peacemakers

If you have a well-developed Earth energy, then you're the one people turn to for stability and compassion. You're perceived as the harbinger of peace and responsible for keeping things together. The Qi of the earth element flourishes in Indian summer.  When out-of-balance Earth may feel like a martyr or a doormat, receiving no respect and supporting others with no appreciation.

Strengthen your will-power

A person with Water Qi is a strong and fearless. They are determined and can endure many hardships in pursuit of their goals. Your strong will power helps you to persevere even in the face of adversity. Longevity is also another trait of water energy. Out-of-balance Water will feel great fear of the future and of the unknown. 

Organize the way of your life

A well balanced Metal energy makes you a well-organized, self-disciplined, and a conscientious person. You are bestowed with deep inner strength and are comfortable in situations where you know you can succeed by following the rules.  Out-of-balance Metal will feel rigid and unable to endure changes.  Also a deep need for being valued can cause many with a Metal constitution to feel isolated and cold.